About Us

Mumeishi Kendo Club has been running for 50 years providing training to its members of all ages, from juniors to senior members, many of whom have represented Great Britain in the World Kendo and European Kendo Championships. Others are International Referees and some senior members have moved on to start their own dojos within the UK or abroad.

Based in London, Melbourne, Tel Aviv, and Tehran. Mumeishi is a well-established as a worldwide club. The club’s chief instructor from 1971 – 2015 was Holt sensei 7th Dan who was National coach British Kendo Association and a member of the National Association of Sport Coaches. He ran the club for over 44 years and worked hard to gain the reputation and recognition of the club. It has also won an award at the Japan Festival for its achievements in the furthering the good understanding of Japanese culture within the UK.


Emiko Yoshikawa, Dojo Leader and Head Instructor
Bryan Ayres, Senior Instructor
Adam Melnyk, Instructor
Sarfraz Aziz, Instructor
Eri Fujioka, Instructor